I have blogged elsewhere

I blog at Yahoo! 360, because I’ve had that account forever…Blogging was something I took up in July 2005. That’s like barely 1 1/2 years ago!!!

For the record, I love sports. I am writing my own book on MLB history, specifically dealing with steroids, scouting, statistical analysis, salaries, free agency and player history in both the Majors and Negro Leagues. It’s about 80% done – roughly 250 pages. It is my baby – and I want to carry it to full term.

Will it get published? Only if a crack dealer is interested…well, I hope not. We all dream we can make something stand out that everyone will remember us for. Our personality, our generosity, our laughter or our thoughts. I’m not a great guy, but I try. Try you must…(I’m not a Star Wars geek..Star Trek was more my thing…when I was under 21.)

Long story short, I spent too much time dwelling on the past mistakes, and making them again and again. I spent a short while this morning on a very addictive vice that has never amounted to anything worthwhile. Today is the last day I’ll do it. Meaning I am throwing away the habit with the hopes of improving my future.

It is doubtful I’ll become anything more than a hack pulp writer of silly sports books and maybe a short work of fiction or two. The blogging world is filled to the brim with journal hounds looking for attention. (Yes I am one too.) And we find out that everyone is saying a lot, but not much listening is going on. I hear Christians deride non-Christians, heteros bash homosexuals, Rights versus Lefts and all the Races…hell it never will end.

I want a tropical island…yeah a whole freaking island to work out my thoughts, live off the bananas, fish and nuts and dream with someone better freaking thoughts. But as usual, the rubberband of reality is stretch to snapping and my dream is no more available that Jennifer Love Hewitt on a Friday Night.

So, I have to become someone better than the present No More Mr. Nice Guy. For some reason Alice Cooper’s song hit a note, I never own it, nor do I like the Coop, as a musician. (Though he does an overnight that I could listen to…) In my ramblin’, gamblin’ diatribe, if you can follow it, you’re a leader to follow.

Go Cubs!
Go Saints! (Yeah, I like the Bears. But the underdog…that’s what I like.)

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