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Best Defensive Centerfielder: Richie Ashburn or Willie Mays?

As you know by now, I love centerfield play. So I did a comparison between two great defensive centerfielders.This is an excerpt from my recent analysis. Richie Ashburn was passed over for the Hall of Fame until 1995 (mainly due … Continue reading

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Marriage: A 5-year deal, then Free Agency

This may be a controversial solution to what has become a rather interesting institution: Marriage. I firmly believe we would be best suited to sign a 5 year contract with stipulations both ways which could allow people to void a … Continue reading

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Play Deep: I Can Be Centerfield

Two of my favorite musical treats are listening to the album Play Deep by The Outfield (of “Your Love” fame) and “Centerfield” by John C. Fogerty, of Creedance Clearwater Rival fame. I think of baseball when I hear them…go figure. … Continue reading

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Moniker: No More Mr. Nice Guy, Nice Guys Finish Last

In the link above, Mr. William Safire’s Dictonary had a few wholes in it. He referenced the idea that last place was 7th in the 1940s. But aside from that, he was referencing politics. “Mr. Nice Guy” could be an … Continue reading

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Baseball Realignment and Travel Concerns Improved

It is time to expand the number of teams to 32 in Major League Baseball…starting in 2009-10. Add two teams: New Orleans and Las Vegas. Move Arizona to the American League, joining Las Vegas in that league. Both cities have … Continue reading

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ESPN Poll: Barry Bonds Divides World, via his race

Barry Lamar Bonds was a topic on Baseball Tonight, prior to the Philadelphia and San Francisco game. This time via another “scientific” poll. The results were displayed on the TV broadcast, but I lack the link to the final results…They … Continue reading

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MLB Franchise Success: A breakdown of a few ideas

Before I go into my diatribe, two friendly bloggers to tag: Another Maria Dwacon – (post kept screwing up) MLB Baseball has various objectives: Revenues/profits Home Attendance Championships Winning Regular Season Games One of the best tools to determining … Continue reading

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Profiles in Baseball: Babe Ruth and Satchel Paige

Two men that shaped their respective leagues around their play, and provided huge drawing power based on their personas were Satchel Paige and Babe Ruth. Nothing this author can write in a blog can do justice to their legacies and … Continue reading

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Baseball Physics & Coors Field – May 1, 2007

Amongst the more interesting topics to discuss, and least understood by the layman (including this author), is the physics of a pitched and batted ball. The forces and measurements at play are numerous: Drag Coefficient, Reynolds Number (Re), Coefficient of … Continue reading

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