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Fantasy Baseball Roster: My team and shortfalls

Yahoo! Team Name: SamZellHell – Current owner of the Chicago CubsHitters C Jarrod Saltalamacchia (Tex – C,1B) NA – Dude couldn’t make the Opening day roster! He was traded last year from Atlanta as the ‘important piece’ of the Texiera … Continue reading

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Experimental Baseball :Is it Time for a Six-Man Rotation?

Over the past thirty years, the emphasis of pitching with a five-man rotation replaced the old guard of four-man rotations with the feeling that the extra day rest would improve performances of the starting pitcher. This idea is at least … Continue reading

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A Baseball Package: What I think would sell and predictions

I would love to put together a professional-looking total baseball package that would sell to fans and curious people alike. In it I would try to offer the following:Bringin’ Gas and Dialin’ 9: The 5-tool total package · A Hardcover … Continue reading

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Police Songs: For a blogger that voted for me

Just because I am a big Police fan, I will post a few songs by The Police and Sting. I can remember getting Message in a Box, the entire catalog of Police songs, and thinking, “I’ll never sell this.” Well, … Continue reading

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Howl: I Hear America Singing

Since we last left this blog, in a state of disarray and political dire straits, I haven’t gotten it right inside. So instead of boring you with my pedagogical and pedantic rants of disillusionment, I mashed together two poets of … Continue reading

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Mildred Clark (nee Koepl): 16 Years ago today

I really did not want to write this post. Not due to any ill will at all. Quite, quite the contrary. I loved my grandmother so much. It is just that in remembering that it’s been 16 years since she … Continue reading

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