Fantasy Baseball Roster: My team and shortfalls

Yahoo! Team Name: SamZellHellCurrent owner of the Chicago Cubs

C Jarrod Saltalamacchia (Tex – C,1B) NA – Dude couldn’t make the Opening day roster! He was traded last year from Atlanta as the ‘important piece’ of the Texiera trade. (Kurt Suzuki is my out. Sigh.)
1B James Loney (LAD – 1B) – 23, line drive hitter that could hit .300, 22-30 Jacks, 85-95 RBIs.
2B Chone Figgins (LAA – 2B,3B,OF) – speedster, rough with the glove everywhere, .300 + 45 SBs.
3B Ryan Zimmerman (Was – 3B) – .275, 25-30 dingers, 90 RBIs due to Washington sucking at the top.
SS Hanley Ramírez (Fla – SS) – #1 overall pick by me. Five-category stud if he hits 3rd. .310-35-110-115-40 type numbers.
OF Carlos Lee (Hou – OF) – “El Caballo”, which means “The Horse”, is another .300 -30-100 man who could get 10 Stolen bases. He was my 2nd pick. (Pictured right.)
OF Kosuke Fukudome (ChC – OF) – A new Cubbie to love or hate. I’m hopeful he’ll get 20 home runs and 15 stolen bases to go with a .280 BA.
OF Willy Taveras (Col – OF) – Speed merchant. No power. But can get steals, runs and maybe some batting average.
Util Josh Willingham (Fla – OF) – Probably the oldest regular the Florida Marlins have. Can hit 25 home runs behind Hanley Ramirez.

Pitching Staff
SP Erik Bedard (Sea – SP) – Best Baltimore Pitcher in ages got traded to West Coast. Good Deal – should give me some strikeouts (200), low WHIP(1.20), ERA(3.35) and possibly 17 wins. Fingers crossed. (Pictured Right.)
SP Cole Hamels (Phi – SP) – Young lefty stud that could get 20 Wins if the Phillies are hitting on all cylinders.
P Carlos Zambrano (ChC – SP) – Fire in his belly. Not a brain in his head at times. But likeable nonetheless. Workhorse that give the Cubs a chance to win every time.
P Fausto Carmona (Cle – SP) – Stuff, stuff and more stuff. Throws Hard and sinks everything. Can win alot behind C.C. Sabathia. I’ll take 15 Wins, 3.75 ERA and WHIP in the 1.25 area.
RP Jonathan Broxton (LAD – RP) – Closer in waiting. Can hit 98-100 MPH on the gun. Strikeouts nearly 1.2 batters per inning. Nasty. I figure 10 saves and 5 wins.
RP Kevin Gregg (Fla – RP) – might save half of the wins the Marlins figure to get, which is around 70 games.
RP Brian Wilson (SF – RP) – San Francisco won’t give him too much to work with. But I hope for 30 saves.

BNRick Ankiel (StL – OF) – Could be the next Babe Ruth, with steroids. (Hit plenty of home runs in his miraculous conversion from pitching stud to hitting stud/dud.) (Below.)
BNRyan Theriot (ChC – 2B,SS) -Scrappy little speedster that will give me all that a utility player can.
BN Andre Ethier (LAD – OF) – Could be a break out as LA figures out what it has in the outfield.
BN Yovani Gallardo (Mil – SP) DL – He could be a total monster at 22 years old. I think he’ll give me a 13-15 wins and serious strikeouts.
BN Andrew Miller (Fla – SP) – Just an injury pitcher. Was drafted #1 overall by Detroit in 2006, then traded (with others) for SP Dontrelle Willis and 3B/OF Miguel Cabrera.
Overall, I love my pitching. Deep starters should pull me up on those categories – WHIP, ERA and K’s are going to be pretty easy to come by, I hope. (Knock on the screen.) Problems are in the hitting. No big, big boppers. (35 HR plus.) The team can run, I got 3 guys that could steal 50 bases, but that is one category. No big RBI guys either. Batting average and Runs are often a shot in the dark.
So, I will be doing some trading about 3-5 weeks in, after I get a feeling for the youngsters I drafted and see if the pitching can be leveraged for some superstar hitter.
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