Playing GM: On Hiatus

While I have been gone from the blog, I have been killing time playing OOTP 8 (Out of the Park 8) baseball. It is a fun, general management game that involves the running of a MLB or Minor league franchise. Scouting talent, setting contracts, trading, drafting, simulating games or playing them through strategically. It is fairly true to form – operating 4 teams of 25-35 players, acquiring and developing talent on a fixed budget (by ownership) while trying to win the World Series.

Anywho, I got caught up in that and my own fantasy team. (Well, not really, it’s in 3rd out 12 teams. But I have plans!!!)

As a result, we the addicted are going to take a break from blogging for 1 week. I won’t be just doing baseball, but I just haven’t quite got the right tone going in my head to write some long diatribe on politics (Jeremiah was a bullfrog), gas prices (market vs. taxes), sports (Roger Clemens playing dodger with a old flame) or other crisis (attacks, deaths and mayhem around the world.)

So, I hope you don’t think I’m a flake. I am….different. 7 years since my 1st day in the clink, I got pretty down, and so avoidance was easy to seek. (Plus, I’ve been so broke, a teenager has more cash than I do.)
I’ll be back in time for my Grandfather’s 82nd birthday and Grandmother’s 80th.
So, be well John and Jessica Spartan!!!

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