R.I.P.: Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon & The golden TV era

I wish I had the appropriate words to express what is necessarily a difficult time for those who love and adored Farrah Fawcett , Ed McMahon and Michael Jackson. Their life was apart of Americana; they were a memorable part of the art form that was the ubiquitous TV land.

As members of the Greatest Generation and the Boomers fade out into just the lasting individual memories, outlandish laughs and smiles, and quirky classic videos and sounds, it brings to mind how quick it all goes away.

The fame and fortunesEd McMahon was in foreclosure and Michael Jackson was nearly brokethe looks and usual health – Fawcett inspiring battle against cancer decimated her – can be taken so fast. So fast.

Most remember Christopher Reeve’s struggles and strength after his paralysis. And it is a reminder how uncertain it all is: life.

We can wake up, plan stuff, get the family involved (or no) and take the day by the horns. Then, it finally happens – a tragedy – and we don’t wake up anymore. Others, such as Fawcett knew the odds were stacked against her – and yet she fought well – and acquired the greatest gift: The value of the time and friends and love, while here.

The hardest lesson will ever learn is the end of life – as we finally learn the secrets to it all – we have to take that lesson to beyond and to those we all ready missed.

Those of us left behind have the ubiquitous TV, a mountain climb, a clear sandy beach, a perfect corn field, a hustling and bustling downtown, a mountain lake, or a song, to remind us of you, the departed.

So here’s a song for them all:
The Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody

Good Bye Friends.

Michael Jackson’s Bad (my favorite)

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