TFIG: Thank Friday It’s God! (My favorite actress & Book review)

A bout of dyslexia cured, I am back to writing on something other than whether Dick Williams or Charlie O. Finley was the bigger A-hole in Oakland in the 1970’s. It’s really no contest, but, it is fun to speculate with the dynasty.
Fall brings out all the dreary feelings in me. Midwest (please help me escape!) is filled with dull days, unless you have money. None of that currently occupying my pockets. So its reading and watching free videos picked up at the library, where, it is not teeming with higher minds surprisingly, or en fuego soccer moms or bonita college co-eds.

I wish the lady above would pop out of a belated birthday cake for me. Instead J-Lo II, got her chassis classy for none-so-sassy Jamie Kennedy. Why should the Kennedy’s have all the women? (Knowing he ain’t related to that clan.)

There is nothing good afoot in the United States. No matter how we try, we are stuck in maliase of our own doing. But we do have the market cornered on blaming everyone not like us for our daily woes. If you have health care, blame those that don’t. If you like your drugs, blame the big pharma for keeping you addicted to them. If you run a small company, blame the government for taxes. If you like Wall Street boom-bust cycles, blame them for everything you loss (and will gain back only to lose again.)

With that last tidbit, I just finished up a quick read: Wall Street: America’s Dream Palace by Steve Fraser, a lecturer and historian. It takes you back to the origins of The Street, and all the muddy waters of stock-jobbing, building of aristocratic bona fides, the swindles and the swines operating the levers of economic success and destruction. Particularly, a few ogres of Capitalism stand out: Cornelius Vanderbilt and Jay Gould are given a revisit to the American heydays of damn-all-the-rules and fuck-the-common-man sensibility of those titans of money.
The book describes four archtypes: The Confidence Man, the Aristocrat, the Hero and The Immoralist. Each is mainly set in the latter half of 19th -early 20th century. (The Gilded Age of Mark Twain’s penning with assistance.)
Today’s Parallels:
Best line in the book related to the nature of the stock-jobbers activities at night. The obtainment of “the milk-white bosom of a virgin soon to be polluted by the touch.” I would have added “ravenous”before touch.
TGIF! Let’s Dance!
Mariah’s Obsessed (They disabled it, those twits that don’t tweet!)

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One Response to TFIG: Thank Friday It’s God! (My favorite actress & Book review)

  1. Yeah, she's a hottie alright. I agree with you about the blaming. But when it gets down to it, we all have to take responsibility for our own part, right? Thanks for the heads up on the wall street book. I'll have to check it out after I finish with the book I'm on right now. Take care, JP.~Raine


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