List-a-Mania: Top 5 songs I cranked up in the last year

I preface, that these are not the only jams I like. And granted, they are not metal-cellists Apocalyptica, Black Sabbath, or Ministry from the ol’ days either. But these songs have it for me:
1. Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z & Alicia Keys. A take off from Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind.” Never been to the Big Apple, but I will soon enough. Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of…

2. Sometime Around Midnight – The Airborne Toxic Event. Similiar to Snow Patrol in going in for the slow burn genre. Always like classical lead-ins to a song. Depressing song behind all the music though.
3. Magnificent – U2. U2 always creates one or two songs like this per album. I never get tired of them. 30 years of great music. Only Love can leave such a mark…

4. Lovers in Japan – Coldplay. The heir apparent to U2. The drums at the end are counterpointed to the soaring guitars.

5. Lisztomania -Phoenix (HD) : The best French import since French Fries & the Statue of Liberty. Just don’t tell the French that.

As you can see, I like classical sounds, piano, and driving drums dispersed throughout the song.

What’s you listamania?

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