Movie Review: She’s Out of My League

Normally, a chick flick/date movie is not my fare of choice. It is one to be tasted in small quantities, and avoided, if the protagonist is who you perceive yourself to be – in a Perceptionville of your own making.
That said, She’s Out of My League is truly funny. Jay Baruchel (usually a character actor) plays Kirk, the 5 or 6 out of 10 lead part, as a TSA officer with friends you love, yet cringe at their analysis. Kirk meets up with Molly (Alice Eve) by work accident – getting her away from his awe struck co-workers. Through chance, he answers the call to a misplaced phone that Molly lost in those hated buss tubs in the airport.
From there, you get taken on a field experiment of an inexperienced-in-dating knockouts man trying to be normal while his perfection-is-not-my-goal lawyer (but not really) stunner tries the road less travelled, but bumpy no less, adventure.
Comedy ensues in the love game.
The now jealous 2-year ago ex, who dates a 6.5 at best, but brings him over to hang with Kirk’s family regularly. Kirk’s family – that has a no-edit button – is loud and proud of their middling life. The funny, and similarly rated, friends of Kirk that constantly analyze the chances and prospects of this Beauty and the Beast pairing. The ex-boyfriend of Molly – Foot Long – plays his integral part in setting a faux bar to measure up to for Kirk. Molly’s top gal who is a perfect match for Kirk’s top analyzer.
Ratings being the game, She’s Out is a 8.5 out of 10. It has heart; it runs well on that – just a few flaws, here and there. But hey, it maybe out of your league.
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