Rebooting: A blog, a business, a life

To reboot: to turn off, then back on a computer operating system.
For the past seven years, I’ve been in a limbotic state. I acquired more knowledge but used it sparingly, struggled with relatives over change of a wide array of topics, and tried mightily to turn off fear after I made a the penultimate mistake of a lifetime.

I’ve told many about these ‘favorite things’ via the blogs I wrote. At the first, it was self-serving, self-loathing crap really no one will remember except for soapy revelations I had to purge from the system for pity. Not very productive, and surely, did not lead to happiness in my thinking.

I did book & movie reviews, sports topics, politics, American ideals, and infotainment topics, because it fit the second-to-second frivolity that is now the media game. Everyone has an opinion about something. Mine are just as wrong as many other bloggers.

By 2009, I was getting so very close to completing my first book: Bringin’ Gas & Dialin’9: A Seven Score Addiction to the National Pastime (1869-2009). The chapter parts are up at the link. I believe firmly in the results I produced. By that I mean, “it’s as good as 80% of the books on baseball, whether they are overall histories, biographies, special topics, etc.”

I started an LLC in March 2010: Deep Center Field Press.
The hope (mission): To provide an outlet for eBook publications and a forum to discuss sports and inspirational topics. And to boldly go where no story has gone before!

Cheesy mission statement confirmed. But is true. I want to give opportunities to tell an engaging story and take advantage of the eBook market that will reinvent the entire media/ information system. But I am realistic: I want to distribute my work without the hassle of established publishers doing their best to keep writers from their goals.

This blog, and a few others, will get a makeover. It may take a few months as I prepare a 2nd title on how to live (Yikes)! But it will take the tact of what I did wrong versus what to do right.

Lastly, my life will improve as I improve my thinking and the emotional states, references, beliefs I held often to my detriment. As I gobbled up better sources, things I am doing are better. Does not mean I don’t revisit the past – I just hope that my personal junkyard is being used for the parts I can give to others in what not to do or what is optimal for their situation.

And I hope 2011 will be the year to watch for in my life! The time when it all clicked for all the right reasons!

[Reboot completed on January 1, 2011.]

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