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Happy Holidays

Watched this live…pretty much dates me. Advertisements

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Holiday Reading: More To Come

I just did some editing on a older file in placed in the Self-Help Area. You Got a Life will eventually grow to a relatively robust (100-150 pages) self-help guide with useful topics on the various problem areas I know I … Continue reading

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Extending Tradition: Why the Yankees Win and the Cubs Lose

Nothing really changed today. No plan was destroyed. No value created on the field. We have 4 months before the games matter. So this is not some whine about how the Yankees still have too much money, or overpay for … Continue reading

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Detroit Trade a Solid Doug Fister: Is There more to come?

On packing day, for many non-tendered players, the Detroit Tigers took the headlines again by trading Doug Fister for 2 LHPs and a utility infielder type to the Nationals. Those lefties: 22-year old (10/91) Robbie Ray and 22-year old (5/91) … Continue reading

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Scott Kazmir: Oakland A’s Swoop In; Take A Chance

It’s no secret Oakland is a smart franchise. Even without the resources, they somehow get a competitive team on the field, finding value in a wide variety of ways. That’s why it was no surprise they landed Scott Kazmir to … Continue reading

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The Minor Model and the Chicago Cubs: It Still All Comes Down Money, Honey

The Present and Past: The Minor Model to World Series Success The model Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer have sold the last two seasons to the faithful Cubs fan is one of small and varied investments and flipping short-term assets … Continue reading

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