Montreal Expos : A Brief Expose on the Plights of this Franchise


I recently completed a rough edit on the Montreal Expos franchise. It is 20 pages long; so not as detailed as Jonah Keri’s Up, Up, and Away(above), but it covers some of the same history with my penchant for graphs and tables and the like.

I always wished, growing up, the Cubs could have magically had much of the Expose front-line talent at Wrigley. But I digress there early on in my paper. Thereafter, we start with the management, the ballpark, and go on to talent acquisition.

The Expos got so close twice. The PDF mentions connection to other sections – which are in process – and so, I figure to complete the big book sometime in July, depending on how much gets done in May and June.

So enjoy this snippet! And pick up Jonah’s book too!





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