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Patterns: History Repeats? Power Surge then Decline, Gotta Be That Baseball Thingy

I like patterns. Or rather, I like trying to identify a pattern or repeated trend. People do this stuff for a living- and get paid a lot to notice such trends and patterns. They use to trade in real-time. Now, … Continue reading

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Farm System Rank: 2-3 Years Before It Takes A Slight Effect

On Bleacher Nation yesterday, a conversation was had that gets started over an over about how much MLB Farm System rankings matter, particularly Baseball America, one of many that do a pre-season estimation of what a franchise has percolating in … Continue reading

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Montreal Expos : A Brief Expose on the Plights of this Franchise

I recently completed a rough edit on the Montreal Expos franchise. It is 20 pages long; so not as detailed as Jonah Keri’s Up, Up, and Away(above), but it covers some of the same history with my penchant for graphs … Continue reading

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Our Baseball Presidents, Part 2

Originally posted on Our Game:
Teddy Roosevelt’s Lifetime Pass, 1907 Let’s resume our racehorse run through America’s baseball Presidents. When last we left our heroes, William McKinley had just promised to throw out the first pitch at the Washington home…

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Our Baseball Presidents

Originally posted on Our Game:
Lincoln learns of his nomination, 1860, by Homer Davenport The other day I posted an article about Woodrow Wilson that attracted rather a lot of attention. While preparing that story I inevitably came upon a…

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Draft, International Values Increase By 1.7 Percent

Originally posted on Callis' Corner:
The assigned values for picks in the top 10 rounds of the 2014 First-Year Player Draft and for each team’s four international slots have increased by 1.7 percent over last year’s figures, according to a…

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Miguel Cabrera: Detroit and High Finance

The Tigers have made the biggest moves of the 2014 off-season. Late 2013, they swapped Prince Fielder for Ian Kinsler, to the latter’s delight, given his recent comments on Texas GM Jon Daniels. Detroit gained substantial salary relief – $76M … Continue reading

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TV Economics of Baseball: Bubble of Money Will Drive Up Salaries And Burst

Originally posted on Deepcenterfield MLB:
Your Dollars At Work To Fuel A Bubble Unless you have been in a coma since 2008, you have heard that the U.S. Fed has employed quantitative easing (QE) to increase liquidity for their BFFs:…

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Macrosabermetrics: Evaluating MLB Team Resources to Produce Wins (1998-2013)

There are many models generated in the field of sabermetrics. From the Pythagorean Run expectation (exponent 1.83ish), OBP/SLG to get runs scored; to linear weights, wOBA, position weight, and FIP to find WAR. And more models are focused on the … Continue reading

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When Baseball Entwines With School: Clips on Sabermetrics, General Management, Markets

A quickish sabermetric presentation using clips from various sources. TWIB music ends the film piece. Forgive my editing work. First video culled together.

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