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2014 Baseball HOF Class: A new system, a non-moral standard devised

Greg Maddux: Dealing from HOF Strength  My Current 2014 HOF Class Selections and Reasons: Greg Maddux – wins aside, he compiled a healthy WAR in his career. Won on great teams, and the Cubs. 1st ballot is a no brainer.Tom … Continue reading

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756: Emails, Bonds and the Steroid Fallacy Part II

April 20, 2006: Email sent to Dr. Norm Fost, Professor at University of Wisconsin. I want to thank you on your common sense approach on the issue of steroid use in the MLB. Granted, many disagree whole-heartedly with your viewpoints … Continue reading

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756: My Emails, Bonds and the Steroids fallacy (Part 1)

Barry Lamar Bonds on August 7, 2007 finally hit the record breaker. Over the past two years, I have been very interesting in the pursuit (both on and off the field) of Bonds, Steroids and the defining of the Enhancement … Continue reading

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Baseball Changes, Milestones & Favorite bloggers: It’s Monday!

With Barry Bonds tying Hank Aaron, a new study by Universal Medical Systems reflects that the baseball was indeed changed from Hank’s time to Barry’s. In using CT scanning, the company headed by David R. Zavagno, has produced scans that … Continue reading

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ESPN Poll: Barry Bonds Divides World, via his race

Barry Lamar Bonds was a topic on Baseball Tonight, prior to the Philadelphia and San Francisco game. This time via another “scientific” poll. The results were displayed on the TV broadcast, but I lack the link to the final results…They … Continue reading

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Three Baseball Control Charts, A Sample on the book

Chart #1 – Comparison of Two Eras of Baseball Chart #2 – Dead Ball Era Revisited Chart #3 – Post 1950 Home Run Control ChartAll about the Money, Statistics and Steriods: An Excerpt But the ultimate statement of the steroid … Continue reading

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