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Macrosabermetrics: Evaluating MLB Team Resources to Produce Wins (1998-2013)

There are many models generated in the field of sabermetrics. From the Pythagorean Run expectation (exponent 1.83ish), OBP/SLG to get runs scored; to linear weights, wOBA, position weight, and FIP to find WAR. And more models are focused on the … Continue reading

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Detroit Trade a Solid Doug Fister: Is There more to come?

On packing day, for many non-tendered players, the Detroit Tigers took the headlines again by trading Doug Fister for 2 LHPs and a utility infielder type to the Nationals. Those lefties: 22-year old (10/91) Robbie Ray and 22-year old (5/91) … Continue reading

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Masahiro Tanaka to the Detroit Tigers: Is the plan for Dombrowski & Towers to Improve by Risk Analysis?

Masahiro Tanaka: The Next Ace of Detroit??? First Dombrowski Domino: Miguel Cabrera Can Deliver At 1st Base Last week, Detroit and Texas pulled off one of those trades that shook the MLB world because it made so much sense. Prince … Continue reading

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