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Patterns: History Repeats? Power Surge then Decline, Gotta Be That Baseball Thingy

I like patterns. Or rather, I like trying to identify a pattern or repeated trend. People do this stuff for a living- and get paid a lot to notice such trends and patterns. They use to trade in real-time. Now, … Continue reading

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756: My Emails, Bonds and the Steroids fallacy (Part 1)

Barry Lamar Bonds on August 7, 2007 finally hit the record breaker. Over the past two years, I have been very interesting in the pursuit (both on and off the field) of Bonds, Steroids and the defining of the Enhancement … Continue reading

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ESPN Poll: Barry Bonds Divides World, via his race

Barry Lamar Bonds was a topic on Baseball Tonight, prior to the Philadelphia and San Francisco game. This time via another “scientific” poll. The results were displayed on the TV broadcast, but I lack the link to the final results…They … Continue reading

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Three Baseball Control Charts, A Sample on the book

Chart #1 – Comparison of Two Eras of Baseball Chart #2 – Dead Ball Era Revisited Chart #3 – Post 1950 Home Run Control ChartAll about the Money, Statistics and Steriods: An Excerpt But the ultimate statement of the steroid … Continue reading

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