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Macrosabermetrics: Evaluating MLB Team Resources to Produce Wins (1998-2013)

There are many models generated in the field of sabermetrics. From the Pythagorean Run expectation (exponent 1.83ish), OBP/SLG to get runs scored; to linear weights, wOBA, position weight, and FIP to find WAR. And more models are focused on the … Continue reading

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The Minor Model and the Chicago Cubs: It Still All Comes Down Money, Honey

The Present and Past: The Minor Model to World Series Success The model Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer have sold the last two seasons to the faithful Cubs fan is one of small and varied investments and flipping short-term assets … Continue reading

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Turkey Day 3-Way Deal: Cubs meet the Mets and Arizona

The possibility that all three teams get needs filled are remote. As usually one team feels screwed, and therefore, would never do the deal at all. var docstoc_docid=”164403711″;var docstoc_title=”The AZ-Met-Cub Potential Trade Idea”;var docstoc_urltitle=”The AZ-Met-Cub Potential Trade Idea”; The AZ-Met-Cub … Continue reading

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Potential Moves for 2014 Chicago Cubs:Break On Through to the Other Side

Breaking Down The Ball Club The primary goals of the last two years have been accomplished: lose, while acquiring talent via trades,  drafts, and international signings. Some of this intentional plan was the only way to get a minor league … Continue reading

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Cubs 2014 Manager: Joe Girardi, if the PRICE is RIGHT

Note to Cubs MGMT Team: Joe Girardi and his resume is EXACTLY what the Cubs need. As Ken Rosenthal quipped in this report: You met Kim when you both were at Northwestern. You were the Cubs’ fifth round-pick in 1986 … Continue reading

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Matt Garza vs. Ricky Nolasco: The tail of the tape from their July 3rd games

Tonight was likely a showcase of the two most sought after pitchers of the 2013 Trade deadline. Both pitched against top of their division teams. Garza faced the leagues’ most patient lineup (Oakland tied with Boston for walks at 319)  … Continue reading

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Cubs Trader Django: The 2013 Turning Point for Theo & Co.

While the sun has not shone brightly on the Cubs lately, this July the trade market will reflect the greatest turning point in the 20-month Theo Epstein & Jed Hoyer led front office. The reason: pitching. The abundance of arms … Continue reading

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Experimental Baseball :Is it Time for a Six-Man Rotation?

Over the past thirty years, the emphasis of pitching with a five-man rotation replaced the old guard of four-man rotations with the feeling that the extra day rest would improve performances of the starting pitcher. This idea is at least … Continue reading

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