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Hitting Instructor Wanted: Barry Lamar Bonds

It’s been awhile. Since I could hold my head up high… Barry Bonds was locked in a battle with Major League Baseball for the last decade. He was followed around by ESPN’s Pedro Gomez. The FDA/IRS’s Jeff Novitzky made him … Continue reading

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FA OF Analysis: David Murphy, Curtis Granderson, Chris Young, Rajai Davis

The Tales of the Tape for 4 FA OFs Curtis Granderson (left) pulls more hits, given Yankee Stadium in 2012-13; Murphy more spray, but power to Left Center in this 275 feet or greater hit/ out chart (red is an … Continue reading

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TV Economics of Baseball: Bubble of Money Will Drive Up Salaries And Burst

Your Dollars At Work To Fuel A Bubble Unless you have been in a coma since 2008, you have heard that the U.S. Fed has employed quantitative easing (QE) to increase liquidity for their BFFs: the U.S. Banks. From investopedia: … Continue reading

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Free Agent Analysis CF Franklin Gutierrez: New Tools for Big Data and Old Fashion Park Factors

The New Tool: Online Spray Charts for Players Comparisons/Parks/Yearly Recent technology is great. New ways are being created and adapted daily to handle and analyze Big Data. For baseball, this is highly important. As it is at the heart of … Continue reading

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We don’t really need more education: Wall Street Journal editorialist Richard Vedder says so

I began reading the Wall Street Journal regularly (for me). I am usually a New York Times fan, but both are long slogs to read for all the potential information an MBA might like to know. But knowledge is power. … Continue reading

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Manic Monday: Writing, Reading, Running, Mobbing & Etc.

Wouldn’t you know it, but it’s harder than ever to focus on just one task. Sure, I’m not a dad/Mr. Mom, but I do my fair share. Cleaned out a garage/shed area, rode my bike 10 miles (busted the sprocket … Continue reading

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2007 MLB Playoff Predictions: Is it the Cubs Year?

On July 1st, I put my predictions in print for the 2007 MLB playoffs. American League:AL Playoffs: Boston, Cleveland, Detroit and Los Angeles.AL Championship: Boston vs. Detroit.AL WS: Boston. National League:NL Playoffs: Chicago, New York, San Diego and LA Dodgers.NL … Continue reading

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